Our cows are the reason for the business. We sell their milk so we can take care of them. Hedstrom dairy believes in the humane care of all animals and realizes that in order to get the highest quality production and longevity from its prized milk cows they must be treated with a high level of respect and as a partner in the operation. We believe in and have instituted the following "Bill of Rights" on our place.

Cow Bill of Rights

  • Animals should have the freedom from thirst at all times.
  • Animals should have freedom from injury and disease.
  • Animals should have freedom from hunger at all times.
  • Animals should have freedom from unnecessary fear and distress
  • Animals should have freedom to express a majority of their normal behavioral repertoire.
  • Animals should have room to move around freely.

It is not our vet practice to use vaccines or antibiotics on our cows, but we reserve the right to do so in the case it will help heal a cow if there is no other natural measure we can take. In the case of mastitis, instead of antibiotic use we "dry up" the infected quarter and the cow continues in our milk herd uninterrupted.