Our cows produce two things, milk and manure.
Their milk is number one, their compost is number two!

With over 200 milk cows we have a lot of manure which, when composted, happens to be a perfect all natural fertilizer for gardens and growing. Our composted manure is weed and debris free. It is a pure manure/sand mixture that has been composted to create a perfect soil enhancer.

Compost season is April 1st - June 31st and September 3rd to November 12th (weather permiting) Pick-up time is Sunday thru Saturday from 10:00 am - 12:00 am (noon). We will load. Please call for special orders (406-756-7262). Cost is $10.00/yard with a $20.00 minimum.

Compost sales are over for this season.

We will start again around April 2017. We do have bags of compost available for sale at our farm store. They are 1 cubic foot and cost $5.00 per bag. They will be available at area stores this spring.