Kalispell Kreamery Milk Club

The Kalispell Kreamery Milk Club is an exclusive club for neighbors and customers of our on farm store.

In 2009 Hedstrom Dairy started bottling their own milk for the community to enjoy direct from moo to you. One of our goals was to make our milk easily available to our neighbors. Over the years we have worked to fine tune our honor system. We have troubleshot freezing milk, rainy roofs, dark nights, warm days, money drop boxes, and more.

It seems that the one challenge we cannot seem to overcome is theft. In the past months we have seen a drastic increase in theft. Thanks to our video cameras we have been able to identify some suspects and are working with the sheriff's department to track them down. Unfortunately the cat is out of the bag and we are getting more and more "strangers" coming in. For the safety of our cows, our family, the employees, and your milk supply we have either got to triumph over theft and shady characters or eliminate the honor system. We have come up with one final plan that will hopefully allow our faithful customers access to their milk while venting the thieves.

We will be initiating a Kalispell Kreamery Milk Club. We will be locking the door to the creamery indefinitely. The only way to enter the front door will be with a digital swipe card, granted to members of our discretion. There will be a buzzer that will ring to employees inside during business hours to allow access for people without cards.

To become a member of the milk club you will be asked to fill out an application that will remain on file and pay a $20.00 onetime fee. The fee is to cover the cost of the electronic lock and one access card. Additional access cards are available for $5.00. Access cards fees are refundable upon return of the card. Access cards are keyed to your application and misuse will lead to lock out.

Access cards will be granted at our discretion using the following criteria-

  • Distance from our location (keep in mind that this service was originally intended for our neighbors)
  • Personal reference checks
  • Customer history

We understand that this may be more inconvenient than our previous service but it is truly the last thing that we can resort to before eliminating this service all together. We even hope to bring eggs back if this works out. Purchase procedures of the milk will remain the same. Please return the application to the drop box with the $20.00 membership fee or mail to :

  • Kalispell Kreamery Inc
  • 480 Lost Creek Dr.
  • Kalispell, MT 59901
Your money will be returned to you if your application is denied. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Click here for the Application