Mission Statement and Goal

  • At Hedstrom Dairy/Kalispell Kreamery our mission is to produce, process, bottle, and distribute high quality, local, all natural dairy products by:
  • Providing a high quality Cream-on-Top, minimally processed, all natural milk to the community;
  • Keeping the dairy animals healthy, happy, and producing with out using antibiotics or hormones;
  • Processing our milk and dairy products in a clean, safe environment for all;
  • Maintaining a price that is reasonable to average consumers;
  • Mastering positive customer service at all levels of production;
  • Actively promoting a farm-to-table, sustainble agriculture concept.


  • Cream-on-Top Whole Greek Yogurt
  • Cream-on-Top Whole Milk
  • Cream-on-Top Reduced Fat Milk
  • non-homogenized Skim Milk
  • Half and Half
  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Cold Brew Coffee w/ Milk

Kalispell Kreamery, located only 20 feet from the milking barn of Hedstrom Dairy, strives to bottle the high quality milk of Hedstrom Dairy with as little processing, delay and milk manipulation as possible. What the cows give us is what you get!! The plant is state certified and employes 6 people.

After the milk is bottled it is loaded on our truck and delivered directly to area grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and other venues.

In 2009 Bill and Marilyn Hedstrom and daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Jared Tuck, were discussing the ebb and flow of the dairy industry and the growing trend of minimally processed, natural, local, value-added products. Realizing they were in the unique position to meet this demand they began the work of building their own plant right next to the milk barn. With grant funding, savvy shopping, many hours of blood, sweat, and tears they were able to make this otherwise unreachable goal a reality.

Spring of 2010 Kalispell Kreamery began bottling non-homogenized, completely natural milk and selling it from the farm store.

Currently Kalispell Kreamery processes and bottles over 1500 gallons of milk a day, all from Hedstrom Dairy cows.