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Our Story

Hedstrom Dairy has been producing high quality milk in the Flathead Valley since 1978.  After selling milk to state processing plants for 35 years and being the last dairy farm in the valley, Hedstroms decided to look into alternative milk sales.

Kalispell Kreamery was the result of a long dinner discussion with daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Jared Tuck.  Realizing that they could pool their talents to keep the family farm alive while offering local dairy products.  Moo to You became their slogan and the rest is history.


Striving for sustainability our dairy/creamery operate symbiotically to achieve vertical integration.   We start with the cows and the milk never leaves our farm until it hits the grocery store shelves. Following our mission statement our family believes that knowing your farmer means knowing your food and we are proud of that.  


Home to over 275 Holstein Cows, Hedstrom Dairy practices natural husbandry and follows a Cow Bill of Rights.  The cows are the reason for the business.   11 generations of happy healthy cows are the result of over 45 years of family dairy farming.  Every drop of milk the cows produce is piped next door to the creamery


"Milk is perfect when it comes from the cow, its everything we do to it afterwards that ruins it"- Bill Hedstrom

With that in mind, our creamery uses minimal processing and as few ingredients to achieve high quality, pure Cream-on-top dairy products that are as close to raw as you can get in Montana.  Our milk is all non-GMO, No Added Hormones, and Antibiotic Free.  Our creamery is a state certified pasteurizing facility.

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